Being a small business ourselves helps us better understand where some of our clients are coming from in terms of a financial perspective. The services we provide put us in conversations about “ideas” and “goals” for other small businesses all the time. Our job is to help our clients’ tell their story in a visual and “branded” way, and often this requires a great deal more time than most potential new clients anticipate.

Is a WordPress template theme good for my business?

At some point anyone who’s ever put something that promotes either themselves or their business on the “interweb” has realized that there is quite a bit more to it than first meets the eye. It’s gotten a lot easier to do over the past 5 years, but there are still decisions to be made. Decisions that affect two things quite frequently – time and money. This is where templates begin to make some sense.

Templates are a cost and time effective way to quickly get your small business presence inserted into the webesphere (no, it’s not a word). There are literally thousands if not tens of thousands to choose from so assuming you’re not too badly OCD, finding something that suits your taste while also matching your business type and established brand shouldn’t be too terribly difficult.

WordPress makes this even easier for you because you don’t really need any technical know-how in order to install and activate the theme you select. On top of that, most modern themes created today are fully “responsive” meaning they will work well on most mobile devices right out of the gate! Last, templates have been used with WordPress since it’s inception, so you’re definitely not talking about “bleeding edge” stuff here!

As a design agency, do we (Betterweather) like templates? Well, yes and no. It does stifle our creative inner child and we’d prefer to make everything ourselves. However, it also helps us help our clients in terms of budget and speed to market. We definitely don’t recommend them for everyone, and if you’re looking to truly stand out then there is NO WAY we’d condone implementing a template theme for your site. On the other hand, if you’re looking for minimal cost and not a lot of custom functionality from your site then perhaps a template is good for you!

Free WordPress Themes!

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