I can’t actually recall the number of times I’ve been asked “yes, but is it scaleable?” in my illustrious career as a developer. Hearing it however always encourages my inner voice to chime in: “if I only had a nickel for every time…”. So to spare you the rest of my inner voice conversation, let’s cut to the chase. If your thinking of implementing a new project and your budget is less than $100,000, yep let me spell it out, One Hundred Thousand Dollars, then scaling concerns are not for you. You should be thinking more about the following statements instead:

  1. Are you using a reputable development team or firm, have you vetted their references?
  2. Ensure the code the team is writing will be easily transferrable when you are done with the project. No, not all partnerships are a match made in heaven, some are simply born of necessity! Should you need to ditch your developer, this should leave you capable of hiring another fairly quickly.
  3. Requirements are met in stages, a clear concise roadmap of the project is in place and deadlines are understood.
  4. YOU are as accountable and as responsible as the development team you’ve hired for ensuring project success!
  5. Communication between you and your team is constant and open. This means nobody is “hiding” from phone calls or email and responses are timely.
  6. Deadlines are clearly defined and are considered important to both you and your development team.

Don’t get me wrong, scalable can mean different things to different people. In fact, our approach is mostly concerned with allowing our clients to build upon whatever code we impart. It runs from the system or framework we choose to the manageability of the content on the site. Scaleable is one of those older over-used terms from the earlier days of the dot com era. For some reason it’s stuck around for awhile. I liken it to the word “webmaster” when I hear it as do most developers who’ve been around awhile. The fact is, in terms of performance and web based applications, the developers and the tools we use are getting better and better. Writing code that impacts your scalability in an application is still possible, it’s just becoming harder and harder to do unless as a developer you simply aren’t very good. Of course bullet number one covers that so next time worry about that instead of scalability and you should be just fine!

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