Being entrenched in technology I find it interesting that I always revert back to using pad and pen for note taking. After a recent meeting I realized that for all of the typing I do on a daily basis as well as all of the thumb scrolling exercise I award my hands with while viewing my phone, I still completely prefer to take notes the “old school” way. I don’t think I’m alone in this tradition either. Attending meetings I quite regularly see that about 99% of us prefer pen and paper (these findings are non-scientifically deduced). OK, well, I will say with confidence, the majority of people I interact with prefer it.

My proclivity is one that enjoys if not prefers to use new technology as quickly as I can either get my hands on it, or afford it. I know I’ve attempted many different methods for digitally capturing my thoughts. Those who remember running out to purchase a boom mic for use with Dragon’s “Naturally Speaking” will understand where I’m come in from – I said “COMING FROM”. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about just imagine using Siri and feeling that same “oh, she got me! No, no wait… clearly she did NOT get me….” feeling.

For those who don’t know, the CE stood for “Curiosity Exploited”

I purchased Windows CE devices, that included a handy stylus which was ripe for the losing. For those who don’t know, the CE stood for “Curiosity Exploited”. I owned a palm pilot or 3 and remember at first thinking “hey, this learning a new alphabet based on the alphabet we already know is possibly a good idea… how do I make a ‘K’ again?” then promptly looking for ways to look cool just holding it. Through reading this you can hopefully imagine my excitement for the tablet device.

Sure, I continued my tradition. I rushed right out and bought a Motorola XOOM. What’s that? You’ve never heard of that Android device? Let me explain it to you: it’s black, kind of heavy, got rave reviews and currently sits uncharged in a closet. Next up, iPad mini. Now, here’s where my non-Apple fanboy plug comes in: I’m not a fanboy. I just want my device to work. I really like my iPad mini. I don’t like the standard size iPad, but oddly enough I owned the Note 4 for FOUR days before taking it back because I found the stylus annoying – iPhone 6 plus please and thank you.

Back on to the topic of taking notes. So I actually purchased a stylus for the iPad mini thinking that “We as a society have finally made it! I now hold in my hands the ability take notes as they were MEANT to be taken…digitally”. Just need to find an App, and I’m set. Let me see here, review, review, review… ask jeeves… google it… OK, you get my point, I refuse to use bing. But seriously, there wasn’t really any app at the time that was capable of accepting my scribble text and transforming it into something I could reference later. I did find a few apps that I tried, but like all of my experiences with a stylus capturing my text it was slow or inaccurate. I constantly felt disconnected from what I was writing. Text would be too big, too small. It wouldn’t connect letters the way I write them and ultimately it wouldn’t LOOK like something I would expect to see on paper.

I think that last statement is why I gave up. When I write on paper I’m confident. I know I can go back to it at any time I choose and easily understand what I wrote. There’s no scrolling involved. There’s no questioning what letter I wrote. When I write I’m instantly connected to the page. My trail of ink is exactly where I expect it to be. If I want to add shading or doodle I can because I know the real-estate size I’m working with. There is no thought to it other than what I need to write. It’s fast. It’s comfortable. It’s not as the gamers say: laggy.

But hey, I still have an open mind and by no means consider myself an expert on the subject. I’m simply speaking from my experience. I’d be very interested and willing to give it another shot if you know of an app and/or stylus that you use which you swear by for taking notes! For now though, feel free to browse the Moleskin site via the button I’ve provided below.

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