Bronco Fan

A little bit about me

A Betterweather founding partner, Rob is a Drupal and WordPress expert who has implemented enterprise-wide content management systems for clients like Nissan, the Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University, and Sony Ericsson. He served in the U.S. Army and holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems management from Metropolitan State University of Denver.


SUPER POWER Whether selecting a delivery network, programming a new user interface or integrating a new feature, Rob can toggle between vision and tactics and is just as comfortable talking to executives as he is working with technical or non-tech savvy teams.

FAVORITE Currently, the Apple Watch (as I sigh). Didn’t want to like it, but find myself loving yet another Apple product!

FOR FUN I enjoy globetrotting, exploring the Colorado outdoors, skiing and playing golf.

FINAL THOUGHT “Always expect the unexpected. And laugh, a lot.”