The power of voice.

Project VOYCE was founded in 2006 by students, to serve students. The temporary closure of Manual High School- a traditionally underserved, high minority, high free/reduced lunch, inner city public school in Denver - served as a catalyst for the creation of Project VOYCE (Voices of Youth Changing Education). While the closure and school redesign efforts promised authentic community engagement, the youth and community’s recommendations were left out of the final reports and ultimate redesign. Determined to ensure that the insights of youth and community would be heard and utilized in future, two Manual alumni, a former teacher and the founder of YouthBiz, launched Project VOYCE.


Nothing about us, without us.

They accomplish this by not only teaching them how to develop a cohesive narrative about what is going on in their under-served communities, but also show them how to detail and map a path for change as well.

Project Voyce has been by far the most enthusiastic and passionate group we've ever worked with from a rebranding and design standpoint. From the beginning of this project to the end, they never stopped working. We're honored to be a small part of something so big - one that is now celebrating 10 years as advocates for community change.



Building transformational leaders for long-term impact!