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Alumni is one of the strongest assets for a University. With an alumni count reaching over 80,000, MSU realized it had an opportunity to try and cultivate that relationship and retain pride for their alma mater. The MSU Alumni Magazine goes a long way towards strengthening and maintaining the connection with their Alums.

Working with the Marketing and Communications team at MSU, Betterweather was given the task of elevating this communication touchpoint to a caliber that a University as a whole could rally around. We developed the identity mark and created the standards to the first issue in a template that the university could easily re-purpose for ongoing publication. Not only did we become very attached to the outcome, but so did MSU. The combined efforts of the MSU team and that of BW transformed a once-broken system into an award-winning publication that everyone could take pride in.


MSU Alumni Magazine provides a direct link to the University. The goal was to provide alumni with a connection to the University that they could be proud of and to retain that connection with the ever growing alumni of MSU Denver.