Art Direction


Catching Fish

A little bit about me

Matt is a trans-disciplinary designer focused on brand betterment through visual design. He spent his early career at the University of Denver, where his graphic design work spanned NCAA Division I athletics, admissions, and even architecture. Since co-founding Betterweather he’s continued to develop specialties in video production and animation, 3D design, publication design, typography, and Web design. His work as a designer and typographer has appeared in Communication Arts, Graphis, and is held in the AIGA national archives. Matt holds a BFA in graphic design from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.

SUPER POWER Omnilinguilism, the power to speak and understand any form of language.

FAVORITE The Great Outdoors, as much as I “love” design, nothing is better for the mind and soul than stepping away from the day to day to find clarity and recharge one’s batteries.

FOR FUN Fly fishing is something that I am not good at all. But I enjoy it, I like the time and intricacies of it all. From all the gear that you need to the seasonal flies and patterns to use, it seems complicated and at times overwhelming. Once you get past all that and you’re out on the water and in a rhythm, it’s all sort of zen as everything aligns.

FINAL THOUGHT There is so much great talent out there, and you can wear yourself thin comparing yourself to the rest. But, at the end of the day, all I can say is that I did the best I can do today. Till tomorrow.