Shortly after signing our lease, Matt went to town measuring out the entire space. Being an older building we found some interesting characteristics that we needed to deal with. One of which were the four center columns that helped support and divide the square footage almost equally right down the middle. 

Something we learned from our original space at Taxi was that we sorely missed having anywhere in the office to have a private conversation. We instantly recognized that the current space also lacked any sort of formal area let alone privacy and that was something we wanted to correct before moving in. Like any design project, electronic or physical, this requires planning. As a programmer, my ability to express things visually is somewhat hampered. I tend to deal in right angles, which lends itself quite naturally to forming squares. That’s about it. It’s a good thing we have Matt! Not only did he have his vision for the place, but he also could interpret what I was saying and did an amazing job capturing the essence of what we both wanted for the new office to become.

Matt took his measurements and put them through our 3D modelling process (software) and produced the following results:



Next up – actual construction and painting progress photos (coming soon)!



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