We’ve recently signed a new lease for office space in Denver! Over the coming month or so we’ll be taking the raw space and making it our new home. So we figured why not show our progress from start to finish – let you into our “world” so to speak and see how we go about designing and creating our space.

We got a little lucky but also our diligence paid off when we found the advertisement online for our new location. We had been working in the RINO district (taxi for those who are familiar) for almost 5 years prior to moving. We had spent the prior 3 months actively looking for a new location that emotes who we are as Betterweather as well as what we want to become.

Unsure of what to expect from the Ad, we scheduled a showing with the building manager and promptly went to see what the space was all about.

Located on the busy Broadway street and surrounded by numerous local businesses and lots of foot traffic we were instantly happy with the location. The building itself was built in the late 1800’s and has housed everything from horse stables, to an auto dealership, to a furniture store.

We met the manager and opened the door.

There wasn’t a whole lot for us to think about after seeing the place. I think the floors cemented the deal! So we pretty much signed the contract after seeing the space the first time.

Next up – 3D rendering of how we want to make this place our new home (coming soon)!

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