Typically what we find is that by the time a potential client gets to speaking with us, they’re already at the finish line. They know what they want because they’ve seen it somewhere before. They can describe it precisely or vaguely but either way, their face lights up or you can hear the excitement in their voice as we’re talking with them on the phone. They, not unlike most people we talk to in this business have pre-conceived ideas about how long and how much time and effort web development and design takes. Seldom do they have a long term assessment plan in place for measuring their investment return. Initially for most clients, the idea of finishing the project within budget is the measure of a design success!

We’ve become accustomed to this type of communication over the years. Being a design and development agency helps keep us in tune with how much time the ENTIRE process of creating a web application or site actually takes based on all of the requirements a client has. Not unlike just about any purchase you or I might make, our client’s are very concerned with how much a project will cost them. It’s a tough thing to spend money on design & development as most people are not completely clear on what is actually involved with getting a design into functional code. Nor should they be, unless of course it’s their job.

So how do you measure the success of a design or development project?

It’s our job as a professional design agency to keep our client’s well informed of the processes taking place. Open and clear communication is a part of our practice. Nothing is hidden and anything that sounds too tech-like is explained until it isn’t. We don’t expect you to know what SASS means, or that the descenders of a font are just wrong for the design. We do want you to measure our work though.

So how do you measure the success of a design or development project? We always recommend a longer term attitude towards the use of analytic tools. Without them you’re basically throwing your money away. The tools are so good now that they help you “see” how your site is performing. The information they provide will help you make a better decision about changing under-performing aspects of your application or site. In some cases, they can even help you with improving user experience. Our opinion is simply this, if you aren’t actively measuring your new design’s success, then the cost of a re-design project is never going to be worth it.

Start Measuring Your Success!

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