A Parent Company.

1908 Brands is a parent company located in Boulder, CO. The company is founded on a promise to make home better. Not just your home, but our home — the world we all share. Looking to change their focus from their own history to that of the customer, generations making better choices for their home, family, and the environment. Focusing on the core belief that 1908 Brands is a family company.


Life's little helpers.

Incorporated this mantra as the core idea for the site’s redesign, I looked at the way we capture our memories. Leaning heavily on the idea of scrapbooking, slideshows, and physical photographs, we invite people into our homes and give them a glimpse of who we really are. Also, incorporating a playful yet messy side of being a parent, our children, always wanting to help, always wanting to be involved, even if that means getting a little messy along the way.