It’s a (suite 205) Design Process II

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Shortly after signing our lease, Matt went to town measuring out the entire space. Being an older building we found some interesting characteristics that we needed to deal with. One of which were the four center columns that helped support and divide the square footage almost equally right down the middle.  Read More

It’s a (Suite 205) Design Process

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We’ve recently signed a new lease for office space in Denver! Over the coming month or so we’ll be taking the raw space and making it our new home. So we figured why not show our progress from start to finish – let you into our “world” so to speak and see how we go about designing and creating our space. Read More

Design Success – Are you measuring it?

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Typically what we find is that by the time a potential client gets to speaking with us, they’re already at the finish line. They know what they want because they’ve seen it somewhere before. They can describe it precisely or vaguely but either way, their face lights up or you can hear the excitement in their voice as we’re talking with them on the phone. Read More

Digital Note Taking and the Absence Thereof

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Being entrenched in technology I find it interesting that I always revert back to using pad and pen for note taking. After a recent meeting I realized that for all of the typing I do on a daily basis as well as all of the thumb scrolling exercise I award my hands with while viewing my phone, I still completely prefer to take notes the “old school” way. I don’t think I’m alone in this tradition either. Read More

WordPress Template Themes – Who are they good for?

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Being a small business ourselves helps us better understand where some of our clients are coming from in terms of a financial perspective. The services we provide put us in conversations about “ideas” and “goals” for other small businesses all the time. Our job is to help our clients’ tell their story in a visual and “branded” way, and often this requires a great deal more time than most potential new clients anticipate. Read More

Why “scaleable” is overrated

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I can’t actually recall the number of times I’ve been asked “yes, but is it scaleable?” in my illustrious career as a developer. Hearing it however always encourages my inner voice to chime in: “if I only had a nickel for every time…”. So to spare you the rest of my inner voice conversation, let’s cut to the chase. Read More